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With Eventfo at your side, take your festival experience to a whole new level.

View site maps, see transport options to and from the site, save your favourite acts with reminders, and access all the vital event information you need, to make your big day out, the best day out!

How it works

Event Schedule

Don’t miss a thing
See the full event schedule in one screen, select your favourites from any areas to view them in all in one place and start planning. Add alerts to be notified when your next favourite is starting.

Map Information

Find your way around the event and to the event
Finding the entrance, stages, toilets and first aid is easy when you have the venue map on hand. No one is lost getting to your event when they have an Apple/Google map location of where your event is held.

Save to Phone

Event information available without a data connection
Download the event information giving you full access when a data connection is overloaded or not available.

Transport Options

Busses, Trains, Taxis or Driving
List every option available to get safely to and from your event. 5 sections to upload images and text.

Additional Information

FAQ’s, Ticket sales and upcoming gigs
This section is for any additional information you want seen. 5 sections to upload images and text. Floating links connecting to your website or ticket sales.


Perfect for concerts, festivals, sporting events or weddings!

No matter what your event is, Eventfo can deliver your information.

Make your event public or keep it strictly private

Publish your event on Eventfo for all to see or keep the event private with the information only accessible by scanning an Eventfo generated QR code.

Keep guests or patrons up-to-date with Instant Updates

Eventfo can be updated at any time leading up to and during your event.Users who have saved the event will be prompted to update the event information.

Supply privilidged information for artists, security, crew and first aid

Eventfo’s private feature enables you to share specific information with a group, by scanning a QR code. Show additional entries for artists or crew, call sign locations for security or first aid, food stall positioning for contractors and more. Adapt Eventfo to supply information to everyone working at your event.

Share with friends or push to social media easily

Users can share a web link of your choice to their Facebook page with the touch of one button. Use our 5 sections in the information tab to advertise your upcoming events.


We treat your information with complete confidentiality keeping it private until your chosen release date. Information you do not wish to share leading up to the event can be provided on the day of release.

We require these images for your event. An event poster for the landing screen, Venue map and event logo. Transport and information can be filled with plain text if you do not have images to supply. We can have up to 5 images/text pages in transport and information. Two links can be displayed in the information screen. Please supply the URL and wording you wish to use for the link.

Please download our PDF for file formats and image sizing.

Text needs to be displayed in a medium size font so it is easy to read. Please supply text in a .DOC format in a plain font.

Once we have the text one of our staff will format it to fit the apps layout. Laying text over your event posters back ground is an easy way to keep your events theme going through out the Eventfo app.

Want to print our requirements and instructions?  
Simply download our Eventfo Requirements PDF.



  • Preview your event on Eventfo
  • Try before you buy and see what we can do for your event.
  • Only viewable by scanning an Eventfo QR code


  • Event for up to 500 people
  • Live for 30 days on Eventfo app
  • Free changes and unlimited support
  • 24 hours of event schedule/set times*


  • Event for up to 5000 people
  • Live for 30 days on Eventfo app
  • Free changes and unlimited support
  • 24 hours of event schedule/set times*


  • Event for up to 10 000 people
  • Live for 30 days on Eventfo app
  • Free changes and unlimited support
  • 24 hours of event schedule/set times*

For events over 10,000 people please contact us directly.
*Discounts available for multi day events

Running a non-profit or charity event? Eventfo is happy to discuss pricing options.

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